10 hot tips to choose new cushion covers for your home!

 Experimenting with cushion covers is an easy and budget-friendly way to revamp your home but it can also be overwhelming. So before you get confused and make the wrong decisions, please see below our 10 Hot Tips to create a fashionable cushion arrangement.


  1. Your Interior is where you should start from

Are you thinking where to start when redecorating your house with new cushion covers or throws? It’s simple! Your own interior is your starting point. Look around in your own home, look at the colour schemes and your own style. Go for fabrics, colours, designs that match your furniture, curtains, carpets, art works and decorations.


 2. Your Style is Your Guide

Your interior and the type of products you choose to add in the overall interior decoration will showcase your style. So don’t just choose anything random and make it a room with a little bit of everything. It may sound like a good plan, but it won’t reflect your style. Focus on your personal style, and then choose the cushion covers that match your style.


  3. Explore the colours, fabrics, patterns & sizes that suit your needs

When it comes to decorating your space, it should always be a mixture of uniqueness, an eye-catching look, and a pinch of you! Look for the colours, patterns, fabric, and sizes of cushion covers that best describe you and the overall interior of your space. Make it a mixture of attractive designs, colours that can describe your personality, fabrics that go with the overall home look, and multiple sizes of cushions to make it an amazing match.


4. Choose the right fabric - consider durability

While you’re at it, make sure you don’t get too overwhelmed with the look of cushion cover fabrics. While some fabrics seem to be more promising and eye-catching, they won't always fit your purpose. So it’s not about whether to choose an expensive cover or not. Instead, it’s about choosing the right fabric for the right purpose. Choose durable easy care fabrics if your covers will be constantly used and choose exclusive fabrics if covers will be used for decorative purposes. 


5. Look for contrast 

Don’t make everything single-coloured. This would simply make your home interior look too monotone, and that can be exhausting to witness every day. Instead, a pinch of change might just turn out to be the magic you need for your interior. Hence, not just in colours, but also in the patterns, materials, and sizes, bring a real contrast in everything while choosing multiple cushion covers.


6. Mix and mingle colours 

Now it’s time to play with colours. Even if you’re new at this, you might find this the most exciting part of choosing the cushion covers for your home interior. For this, you can either choose multiple coloured cushion covers, or simply go with multiple single coloured covers. It’s more about what will fit better with the overall home interior. So mix however you like, but do try it out and see how appealing it looks.


 7. Play with different fabrics

Once you’re done playing with the colours, it’s time you do the same with the fabrics. Don’t make anything look boring or cliché. Instead, try using a combination of furry cushion covers with leather, cotton, linen, wool or crochet covers. Make sure the combination looks different.


8. Combine plain with patterns: 

Now comes the patterns. If you decorate your home interior with too many patterns, it can overwhelm a room and make it feel chaotic. So instead, try creating a good combination of plain and patterned cushion covers.


 9. Choose different sizes and shapes for your arrangement

While you’re playing with the colours and materials and designs, make sure you don’t miss the shapes and sizes too. Having multiple shapes or a combination of two of your favourite shapes of cushions with a simple square cushion will surely add a unique touch to your home interior.


10. Add other soft furnishing stems like throws or floor cushions:  

Lastly, end this decoration with a final touch. Now what can be a better final touch for room decoration with cushions than soft furnishing items? For this, you can try simple and attractive and similarly patterned/coloured floor cushions or throws for the room. This will give an amazing final touch to the overall room.



We are here to help you with styling your home. Just send us an email or pictures of the space in your house you would like to revamp with new cushions or throws and we will give you free advice.

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