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Scented Candle - Harmony (S) | Gaya Alegria

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Luxury Small Soy Candle

Sea Salt & Sage

A scent that evokes the aroma of the beach, delicate yet determinable, if you like to be reminded of the Beach, Harmony is a lovely candle to have beside you. Fresh notes of Sea Salt, Bergamot & Sage, all very clearing fragrances to the senses.

Designed in unique artist inspired vessels, which long after the candle has gone make for beautiful containers.

  • 25 hour burn time
  • 125 gr 
  • Pure Natural Soy 
  • Clean burning
  • All natural cotton wick & lead free
  • Hand poured
  • Fully fragranced
  • Packaged in unique artist inspired vessels that make beautiful containers
  • Made in Australia


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