Mini Paddle Oak Board with handle (250x200 mm) - Atelier du Bois | Gaya Alegria
Mini Paddle Oak Board with handle (250x200 mm) - Atelier du Bois | Gaya Alegria

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  Sanded smooth and with a natural, rustic feel, these handcrafted unique premium oak wooden boards are designed to be the perfect accompaniment to your table, and an easy makeshift tabletop for picnics and outdoor dining or great for a cheese platter with bread and fruit. Pretty and durable, with a leather loop for easy storage,  this oak board is un-oiled for a weathered look, but you can oil it with food grade mineral oil for a waterproof finish. Left picture is an oiled board, right picture is un-oiled.

 Material: These boards are produced in the Wine Regions of the Cape and made of kiln dried solid Oak Wood, premium quality from USA. Each board undergoes a rigorous quality control process and are hand embossed with the signature
"Atelier du Bois by Gaya Alegria" logo.

Care Instruction:  Wipe only with a damp cloth, do not soak or put in the dishwasher. The boards are unoiled, so will take on stains unless oiled.Regular oiling with olive oil will help to protect the oak (please note this could also darken the colour and appearance of the 'weathered' look)

Size:         250 x 200 mm (excl. 100 mm handle)

Please note:  due to the nature of wood, your purchase’s colours may vary slightly from the image shown. 

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